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Automated Shower Plumbing in Just 3 Steps


In today’s high-tech world, it seems that everything is digital! There has been growing a trend over the last few years of “smart” appliances, like Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Home Hub.

With so many new options of appliances that are meant to make life in your home easier, shopping for smart appliances can be a little overwhelming or confusing. One of the most popular uses of automated home appliances is in digitized showers... Smart bathrooms!

However, you must adjust a couple things here and there to your plumbing system. Read on to learn more about the wonders of digital showers and how you can have one in your own home!

Make Your House a Smart Home

smarthomeWhen you read or hear the term "smart house" you may think of something out of a science fiction movie: a futuristic home (maybe all chrome, like the one The Jetsons live in) that does everything for you.

The reality is that a smart home is one whose lights, security system, temperature, entertainment systems, and appliances can be controlled from a smart device. Believe it or not, with the technology we have available today, virtually any house can be converted into a smart home.

Smart appliances can be installed in any room in a house, but one room that offers the most opportunity for smart features is the bathroom. Smart showers, bathtubs, and even toilets can make all of your bathroom experiences more convenient!

Enjoy The Convenience of a Digital Shower

prosconsInstalling a digital shower in your home can have many advantages. As with most appliances, however, it is essential that you do your research to make sure you find the best type of shower for your specific desires.

One of the greatest advantages of digital showers is that everything can be controlled from one panel, so there is no clutter. This makes them ideal for smaller shower spaces. Some digital showers can even be controlled and remotely turned on from your smartphone so that you can start your shower before you even walk into the bathroom!

If you have a combination shower and tub, you may want to install a system that can switch from shower mode to tub fill mode with the simple tap of a screen. There are also showers that have automated music and light features so that you can listen to your favorite song or experience the benefits of chromotherapy!

Don’t Forget The Shower Head!

showerheadYou may be thinking to yourself, "why would I need an automatic shower head? I'm fine with the one I have now." While you may be satisfied with using a conventional shower head now, you may change your mind after seeing some of the things, and automated showerhead can do!

For example, you can turn your home shower into your own private spa oasis with a rain shower (showerhead installed in the ceiling above your shower) or movable body sprayers. If you like the idea of multiple shower heads, digital showers can give you the ability to control or switch between various shower heads.

If you’re looking to update your shower, call PlumbCrazy at (410) 679-7575 for shower plumbing installations in Abingdon. And don’t forget to share this article with friends and family that may also be interested in high tech shower installations!