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Be Innovative This Year

5 Inventive Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom for the New Year

Savvy Abingdon homeowners recognize that there is a lot that they can do to generate an atmosphere of comfort and luxury. There are amenities tailored to elevate their comfort and overall happiness.

Abingdon, MD Bathroom-Remodeling-ServicesThe bathroom is one of the most prominent areas targeted by savvy Abingdon homeowners. Since many people spend so much time in the bathroom, they often find it prudent to make changes to optimize their bathroom experience. There are at least 5 inventive ways to remodel your bathroom for the New Year.

In-shower Shelves

Many people opt for the plastic add-ons that hang in the shower. But these often are not very attractive and do not complement the design of the shower very well.

For the New Year, you should consider having new storage units built into the wall of your shower. It could serve to get all of your shampoo bottles and clutter out of the way.

Perhaps you could even have a compartment for a shower radio. Who knows? It is your design. Get creative! Ask yourself what youwant to have in the shower and create a place for it!

A New Shower Rod

This sounds like a fairly simply amenity, and it is. But a curved shower rod can make your shower feel like it has more space, therefore improving upon your comfort and enhancing your bathroom experience. It is also not too expensive and seems like a rather crafty improvement.

A Saturated Shade

What is unique about the bathroom? It is usually the room that people take selfies. They look better in there because of all of the light. Well, all of that light makes it more acceptable to use darker colors. That will leave you receptive to all sorts of creative designs that you would usually not be willing to consider because they are too dark.

Creative Tiling

This is a fairly simple area to improve upon and by considering it, you open yourself up to a world of possibilities. Just consider the dry riverbed approach, as it looks like there is a stream of rocks flowing from the bathtub to the wall.

Floating Cabinets

Cabinets jetting out of the wall can give the illusion of extra space. They are also a very intriguing decorative maneuver and would seem to work nicely in any bathroom.

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