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Find Out the Truths of the Common Plumbing Myths

The Top 5 Plumbing Myths

There are a lot of established "facts" when it comes to household plumbing. However, many of these ideas are either grossly oversimplified or completely false, and they can actually cause serious plumbing issues. Here are the top five plumbing myths that you should be aware of.

Abingdon, MD plumbing_servicesCitrus Wedges for Freshness

It's widely believed that grinding up citrus wedges in your sink's garbage disposal will freshen it. While they'll make it smell nice temporarily, they don't do anything to keep it cleaner. Furthermore, the acidity will corrode the metal parts in the device.

If you want to clean your garbage disposal, try using crushed ice. Although it's loud, it will scrub away the built-up grime without harming your Abingdon home's disposal.

Toilet Tank Cleaners Make Your Life Easier

Not only are in-tank toilet cleaners an unnecessary expense but they also fail to do what most people think they do.

Instead of removing grime and mineral deposits, they just bleach them so they're not visible. Buildup will continue to develop, and over time, it will make your toilet more susceptible to clogs.

You're better served by pouring vinegar into the overflow tube on your Abingdon home toilet. The mild acidity is very effective against residue and mineral deposits, and it costs a lot less.

Buy Cheap Fixtures With Lifetime Warranties

If the product you purchased is cheaply made, that warranty isn't going to replace it with the newest and best version once it fails. Warranties are only good for a replacement of the exact same product.

What's more, cheaply made items end up costing you more in the long run because you have to replace them more often. If you want to save money and effort, it's better to simply buy quality products from the start.

Run the Water While Operating the Disposal

Almost anyone who owns a garbage disposal has heard that you should run the water at the same time to help waste drain better. Unfortunately, they discover that it's not so simple when they have to reach in and pull out whatever got stuck.

Just running the water isn't sufficient. What you should do is fill the sink before dumping in the waste. This keeps it from compacting in the drain and lets it flow down freely.

If It Goes Down, There's No Clog

Just because you notice debris going down the drain doesn't mean it's not causing a problem. Foods like bread crumbs, pasta, grains and potatoes can swell up and get stuck further down the drain, especially in the presence of grease, causing other waste particles to catch and accumulate into a full-fledged blockage.

You should avoid rinsing food particles down the sink whenever possible. Instead, scrape dishes thoroughly before putting them in the sink, and buy a mesh sink strainer to prevent any lingering food bits from accidentally making their way down the drain.

Don't let the myths get to you in your Abingdon, MD home. Call PlumbCrazy at (410) 679-7575 today, and overcome these plumbing myths!