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The Amazing World of High-Tech Bathroom Plumbing

The Amazing World of High-Tech Bathroom Plumbing

As with most areas of life, integrating new technologies into your home's bathroom plumbing can only improve your quality of life!

Innovations like automatic sink faucets and in-shower music and atmospheric lights may enhance your experience, but eco-friendly designs like low-flow toilets and digital showers can also reduce your monthly water bill!

Read on to find out more about how PlumbCrazy can help you make the bathroom your favorite room in the house!

Digital Shower Fixtures

“digitalshowers”The first digital shower system was developed by a tech company in the UK at the very beginning of the century.

In the nearly twenty years since the launch of their first design, digital showers have become immensely popular for their convenience and efficiency.

The ability to set your preferred water temperature from outside of your shower, and be able to adjust it once you're inside is one of the highlights of having a digital shower.

Another highlight is that most digital shower systems have eco-settings, which reduce water usage by adjusting the flow of the water! To start on your way to having your own high-tech digital shower, call PlumbCrazy today and ask about digital shower installations!

High-Tech Faucets

“hightechfaucets”Bathroom sinks, just like showers, can be controlled with digital knobs or touch screens, that are programmable to your preferred water temperature and flow.

Some can even be controlled by the simplest touch of your hand, or even by just waving your hand under the faucet!

If you want a more "state-of-the-art" look in your bathroom, PlumbCrazy can even install faucets with LED lights to give a fresh new look to your sink. If limited counter space is an issue in your bathroom, you may also consider a hands-free faucet with an automatic soap dispenser, so you won’t have to worry about soaps and bottles cluttering up your sink.

Automated Sounds And Colors

“chromatherapy”New bathroom plumbing technology can allow you to create a spa-like atmosphere right in your own home with innovations like built-in speakers and Chromotherapy, or a form of alternative medicine that uses of projected colored light to promote wellbeing.

If you prefer a relaxing soak in the tub after a long day, ask one of our knowledgeable PlumbCrazy technicians about a chromatherapy tub and immerse yourself in a relaxing pool of blue light. If you prefer a stimulating shower to start your day, ask about installing a chromotherapy shower head, with built-in speaker, to invigorate your shower with upbeat tunes under an exciting red glow!

Toilets That Will Save The Planet

“ecofriendly”Another way bathroom plumbing is improving people’s lives is by dramatically lowering their monthly water bills.

Over the last twenty or so years, improvements have been made to the traditional toilet design to make them more efficient.

One of these improvements came in the form of replacing the tank lid of the toilet with an actual, usable, sink! This is an excellent option for people with limited floor space in their bathroom.

The lid sink toilet works by pulling clean water from the tank when the toilet is flushed, which can be used to wash your hands. The water then runs off your hands, back into the sink and down to the toilet bowl, where it replaces the water that was flushed away.