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History of Indoor Plumbing Info You Can Use

History of Indoor Plumbing Info You Can Use

In order to understand how we’ve got to this current point in our development of modern plumbing, it’s important to learn more past generations.

To help guide you as you understand the changes that have led our modern version of indoor plumbing. Our team at PlumbCrazy in Abingdon, MD is offering a brief history in this latest post.

Indus Valley Civilization

In 2350 BCE, the Indus Valley Civilization had access to their own indoor toilets, which you might not think they were this far advanced in ancient civilizations.

However, they did have access to a toilet system that connected with an archaic sewer. The sewer system then flowed into nearby cesspits and local waterways.

Roman Waterways

The Roman Empire was known for their understanding of engineering. They built giant aqueducts to transport water between cities.

Many homes had indoor toilets in them. The Romans were also among the first civilizations to recognize the need for a separate water system.

Used for their cleaning, drinking and bathing water. Their bathhouses helped provide a focal point for the community.

The Flush Toilet in Versailles

In Versailles in the 18th century, the general population would remove their waste from the home by throwing it from the window on the city streets.

This created difficult conditions in the city and led to the use of one of the first flush toilets around the world. The Queen of France, Marie Antionette recognized the damage caused by having waste pile up on the streets.

Because of this she insisted that a flush toiled be installed in her property. The waste would travel down to below the palace, where it was then transported away from staff of the royal family.

The Invention of the Sensor Toilet

With flush toilets providing a new means of comfort in the modern home, many were looking for that style of comfort in public areas.

However, flush handles in public bathrooms would host a large number of bacteria. A solution was invented in Japan in 1986 when a team created the first sensor toilet.

The toilet would sense the movement of the toilet user and then flush when the person moved away. These sensor toilets are now in use at public facilities around the world.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this brief introduction to the history of indoor plumbing. To learn more about the plumbing industry, keep checking back with us monthly!