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Ideas for Summer Fun for the Water Conscious


Summer is finally here, and you and your loved ones are enjoying all of the fun the season has to offer.

However, it’s also a good time of year to acknowledge that intense temperatures, long days, and infrequent rain can cause water to evaporate more than normal.

For parents, getting your children actively involved in important discussions about water preservation may be tough. If you’re trying to find ways to help your child understand water conservation, here are some tips:

Summer Fun for Water Conscious Families

Many children learn best through education play that engages their imagination and can be practiced every day.

Turning water conservation into a fun game, like Bingo, helps them integrate saving water into their daily routine.

Sit down with your child and create a bingo card for them, filled with water-saving practices that need to be completed, like turning off the tap while they’re brushing their teeth, or choosing to have a quick shower instead of a bath.

If they manage to complete their bingo card, provide them with a special gift, such as a full week off from chore duty, or a trip to see a movie of their choice.

Summer Play with Sprinklers and Hoses

During the summer, there is nothing more refreshing than a run through a cool sprinkler on a warm day. However, these activities can use too much water.

If a hose or a sprinkler is necessary to complete outdoor chores, integrate their use with play for your children.

When your sprinkler is watering your garden, invite your child out for a quick run through. If you’re washing your vehicle, invest in a high-efficiency hose nozzle that allows you to control the intensity and amount of water being let through.

Other Water-Saving Outdoor Activities

Here are some other fun and water-conscious activities that you and your child can complete to stay cool this summer:

  • Save rainwater in a barrel and use this water supply to fill up water balloons, but make sure that your kids are old enough to safely be around the plastic pieces once the balloon breaks.
  • Get your family outside to play in the rain. A natural sprinkler is the best kind.