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Reputable Tips for Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations

Reputable Tips for Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations

The 2017 marketplace continues to evolve as homeowners make new and exciting conditions to their kitchen and bathroom spaces.

For property owners reviewing their options, it’s important to consider the updates that will carry the most value in the long-term.

And so to ensure you achieve your ideal return on investment for kitchen and bathroom renovations, we’re highlighting several tips on the highest value home additions.

Stone Countertops

One of the most popular and best value holding additions you can make in your kitchen is stone countertops.

Traditional stone materials such as granite and marble hold their value extremely well and also offer durable performance in the kitchen space.

Another advantage of these natural stone products is that they are resistant to scratching.

You can enjoy their stylish appeal while using the kitchen space and then receive a significant amount of money back for the investment when it comes time to sell the home.

Kitchen Storage

The latest kitchen appliances are designed to bring new levels of function and to inspire home chefs.cabinet

But many simply don’t have the room in the kitchen to store all their belongings.

Make sure you add to your kitchen storage areas when completing the renovation work.

Ensure storage spaces are in convenient locations, close to appliances.

You’ll add to the function of the property while significantly increasing your return on renovation investment.

Second Bathrooms

Second bathrooms in one bathroom homes are features that the vast majority of homebuyers are now seeking across the country. The secondary bathroom doesn’t have to offer lavish features and furnishings.

You simply have to add a secondary restroom to the home area to greatly improve the value of your property when it goes on the market.

Make sure you work with an experienced renovation team to consolidate the cost of this process.

Keeping the sewer lines in the same place and choosing affordable fittings are both great ways of reducing costs.

Classical Bathtubs

Classic bathtub designs, such as clawfoot tubs, provide that lasting appeal that many buyers are seeking in their home.

Luxury bathroom additions are now a significant selling feature in marketplaces across the country, and classical bathtubs represent the ultimate in comfort and style.

They’re the perfect choice whether you’re hoping to sell your home in the near future or simply looking for an addition that will hold its value in the long-term while presenting you with exceptional comfort over the coming months.