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Ask Santa for a Sump Pump This Holiday Season

sump pump installation

What is a Sump Pump?

Don't let water flood the basement this year! If homeowners don't already have a sump pump, now is the time to ask Santa for one. By having a sump pump installed in a home's foundation, homeowners can rest assured knowing that their basement is protected from potential flooding and other water damage during heavy storms or freezing temperatures by directing water elsewhere. With the proper knowledge and care, owning a sump pump means greater protection and peace of mind when it comes to preventing water damage in a home—and what better gift could there be than that?

Sump Pump Benefits 

pumpAs noted, sump pumps direct water away from home and direct it into a sewer main (or another outlet, depending on one’s residence). Sump pumps usually sit in or above a sump pit where they can easily sense the rising water level, which turns on the sump pump.  Benefits of sump pumps include: 

  • Prevent the house from flooding
  • Prevent mold and mildew growth and the respiratory problems that come with it
  • Avoid insect infestations because of standing water
  • Protect homeowners’ personal property against water damage 
  • It helps protect a home’s structural integrity
  • Adds to a home’s resale value 

Some homeowners think twice about installing sump pumps because of the initial price of purchase and installation. However, preventing flooding ultimately prevents many costly complications and repairs due to water damage. 

Different Homes Need Different Sump Pumps 

pumpsThere’s no one-size-fits-all sump pump for every home. Before installing one, a homeowner should consider their residence’s square footage, susceptibility to flooding, and age. 

There are different types of sump pumps that could meet a homeowner’s needs, including: 

  • Submersible sump pumps: These appliances sit inside the sump basin and can be covered by water. These systems are more powerful than other sump pumps and run more quietly. 
  • Pedestal sump pumps: Pedestal sump pumps are comprised of two main parts: the motor and the pump. Here, the engine is supposed to stay above the water rather than in it. It is more long-lasting but not as powerful or quiet as submersible ones.
  • Combination sump pumps: Combination sump pumps are primary and backup sump pumps in one device. These appliances work even when the power goes out because of the backup, which is vital if flooding occurs in a storm. 

If homeowners don’t know which sump pump best meets their home’s needs, they should consult a professional. 

Secondary or Backup Sump Pumps 

Most sump pumps run on electricity. However, many homeowners with sump pumps also prefer having a battery-operated backup or a secondary sump pump to protect the home if the power goes out. These systems can remain running even during the most adverse weather event. If one’s primary sump pump doesn’t work, they might as well not have one, making backups so important. Secondary or backup sump pumps: 

  • Work even when the power goes out. 
  • Offer an extra layer of protection against severe storms and other types of flooding. 
  • Give homeowners peace of mind during weather emergencies. 
  • Can process large amounts of water at one time 
  • Save homeowners money and time repairing water damage 
  • Prevent mold growth
  • Prevent insect infestation

Homeowners shouldn’t ever regret not taking extra steps to protect their homes. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and protect a house and all the important belongings inside. 

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