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Autumn's Falling Leaves Are a Good Reason For Sewer Cleaning

Sewer System Cleaning Season!

As the end of the year looms in the distance, the cycle of life once again takes its toll. This year's foliage will begin to fall to the ground potentially clogging sewer grates and causing problems for the main sewer line. Now is the time for sewer cleaning. The fresh crisp air has pushed out the heat and humidity for 2019.

As the fall arrives it comes with the foliage and a sea of fallen leaves throughout the yard. The time has come to make use of rakes, leaf blowers, and lawn bags. Many homeowners keep their lawns free of leaves as a way to keep their property looking neat and clean. Whether the leaves are raked and thrown away, or even burned, the elimination of the colorful tree confetti has a more serious meaning.

How a Sewer System Works

sewer systemA home’s sewer system is comprised of a system of pipes that use gravity to drain away waste and dirty water. Picture if you will four houses on your street each with one bathroom. Each home will have a sewer line connected to that bathroom. The bathroom sewer line will connect to the bigger main sewer line that runs away from the home.

It will then connect with another even bigger sewer line that takes waste to a sewage plant. Each sewer line also has a vent line; and here is where fallen leaves can cause a problem. Inside the home, the vent line runs up through the house through the roof.

The vent line is used to allow harmful gases to escape, and keep the water pressure at an optimal level; which helps keep everything moving. Outside, vent pipes come in the form of sewer grates. When sewer grates become clogged, it can cause the main sewer line to back up.

Without the main sewer line or the sewer system in general, residents would not have the ability to flush the toilet, drain dirty water, or remove harmful bacteria and gases from the home.

Main Drain Line Clogs

When leaves are allowed to clog the main drain line, it can affect the entire home. Unlike a simple toilet clog, main sewer lines can back up all the fixtures in your home that are connected to the sewer system. While leaves are the main culprit of sewer line clogs, there are other reasons a home may experience this.

main drain line

Tree roots, sagging lines, leaks in the main drain line, and poorly installed sewer lines are the most common. As a general rule, a professional plumbing expert will be needed to pinpoint the problem. On the other hand, there are five symptoms you should be on the lookout for that may indicate a main drain clog:

  • All plumbing fixtures in the home are backed up or clogged.
  • Water and waste are overflowing in one or several plumbing fixtures.
  • Strong smells of sewage in the bathroom or throughout the home.
  • Water or sewage coming up from the basement drain.
  • Soggy, bright green, or foul odors in the yard where the sewer line is located.

Risks Associated With Sewage Buildup in The Home

In some unfortunate cases, a main sewer line clog can cause sewage and waste to back up and overflow inside the home. When this happens, not only are homeowners faced with costly cleanup and repairs, but the preventable health risks are downright scary.

Sewage is riddled with bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants that can cause serious health risks and even death. Here are the most common diseases associated with exposure to sewage or sewage tainted water:

  • sewageHepatitis A
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Escherichia coli Diarrhea
  • Encephalitis
  • Campylobacteriosis
  • Cryptosporidiosis
  • Giardiasis
  • Leptospirosis

Chances are, you may only be aware of a few of these, and probably cannot pronounce the rest. The best outcome is to keep it that way and take preventative measures by having your sewer cleaned before these potential health risks are likely.

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