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Be Prepared for These Spring Plumbing Problems

3 Common Issues Caused By Too Much Rain

Spring is finally starting to arrive. While this is a welcome change from the recent snow, it can bring new problems for the homeowner. With spring comes more rainfall. This rainfall can result in several serious plumbing issues. Especially for new homeowners or those who have moved to a wet climate, it is vital to learn about these issues and how to prevent them. If left unchecked, too much water can lead to thousands of dollars and months of repairs and replacements. 

Pressure from the Soil

When it rains more than usual, and water has nowhere to drain, the area around the home can become saturated. With the snow melting off and the rainy season beginning, there is more moisture than ever seeping into the ground. Saturated soil around a home can cause several problems for homeowners. Initially, it will clog the system, so wastewater has nowhere to go. If a backup happens, the wastewater will flow out of the lowest plumbing fixture within the home. 

Obviously, this is not a pleasant experience. But not only is the clean-up a pain, but it also increases the chance of someone coming into contact with pathogens. Pathogens can cause serious illness if ingested through drinking water and would need to be purged immediately. If the backup is not addressed immediately, it can lead to more long-term problems such as a cracked foundation or a broken system. 

If the tap water is discolored or it becomes gritty, call a professional to look at the system and ensure it is safe to drink. 

Flooding Through the Foundation

foundationAnother common issue that occurs when it rains is leaking through the foundation. This can occur when gutters are not facing away from the house, causing water to accumulate around the foundation. Or it can happen when there is an excessive amount of moisture on the ground. When the soil around the foundation becomes saturated, it puts pressure on the slab, causing water to seep through the basement. 

If standing water in the basement or around the foundation is not addressed immediately, it can cause permanent damage to the home. Before the basement floods, take a look at the drainage system installed around the house. Are the gutters facing downhill? Does the home sit in a “bowl” that might present further danger? 

Pay Attention to the Pipes

pipes As rain causes the ground to shift, the dense soil puts pressure on the pipes that have been buried underground. This pressure can often be enough to crack or crush the pipes. Cracked pipes can also allow foreign debris to enter the system and clog it up, which results in even more damage. 

The easiest way to know if the underground pipes have been compromised is by paying attention to the water coming from faucets after a big storm. If there is any discoloration or debris, then a pipe has probably been cracked or broken. If a pipe is suspected to be compromised, call a professional immediately. 

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