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Foundation Leaks: Early Signs to Prevent Future Expensive Repair Bills

water leaking on the floor

Know the Real Cost of Foundation Leaks

Owning a home can come with unexpected expenses. Without a solid foundation, there can be even more home expenses that may arise. Foundation leaks are a common concern and are often caused by cracks in the foundation due to poorly maintained plumbing or pressure from water-drenched soil. To prevent serious and long term damage, it’s important to have routine plumbing upkeep and catch any potential cracks early. 

To prevent future costly bills, here are common signs of foundation damage and how to prevent future, more expensive issues. 

Rising Water Bills Can Indicate Waste

Even a minor foundation crack can cause an uptick in the water bill. Consistent, slow water loss could be frustrating and costly. Slab leaks can generate up to 20-50 gallons of water a day. To put that into perspective, an average family of four uses about 100 gallons of water a day. Depending on residential location, that means a leak can add about $15-$30 a month to the water bill.faucet leaking money

Slab leaks are a common culprit of water loss and can lead to more serious damage over time. Slab leaks are commonly caused by old, damaged or improperly installed pipes, so it is important to keep up with plumbing maintenance. Over time, a slab leak can lead to the clay soil supporting the foundation to wash away and cause a crack, shift, or drop. 

Look for Indoor Damageflooded home

If the foundation cracks have been around for a while or have increased in size, water damage may start appearing around the house. Wet floors and
carpeting are most common for these situations, especially in the basement or ground floor. Similarly, if mold or mildew starts appearing on the flooring, or if there is an unexplained increase in pests, it could be due to a worsening foundation leak.  

The cost of water damage varies by severity and the affected area. New subfloor and carpeting for one average size room can cost about $750-$1,000. Solving the root of the issue in the foundation will run about $500 if a small crack is caught early, but a major repair can cost about $4,000-$10,000 if severe. While it may be expensive to repair, it is important to mediate the issue early before the issues get worse. 

How Foundation Leak Service Is Done

Neglected plumbing is one of the most common causes of long term damage. Broken pipes or vibrations from water traveling through pipes are two common plumbing causes for leaks in a foundation. Making sure that all plumbing pipes are in good working condition can prevent severe issues down the line, but if a foundation leak appears, plumbers may be able to repair this. plumber holding a wrench

If one hears rushing water behind their walls, feels warm or cold spots on the wall, or sees water stains and puddles of water near their foundation, it could mean they have plumbing issues. As soon as one notices these early signs, it is important to contact a local plumbing professional to prevent future deterioration or damage; otherwise, they may be paying for a big foundation flood soon. 

Generally, the repair is done either by replacing the damaged section or plumbing or rerouting pipes to eliminate a section of plumbing altogether. Because foundation leaks are under the home, it’s always important to work with an experienced plumbing contractor. 

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