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Get a Fresh Start: Break Up with Low Water Pressure

Kick Low Water Pressure To the Curb This Valentine’s Day

Dealing with low water pressure can be a lot like dealing with a significant other. At first, things are going great, and then slowly, they start to get worse. Eventually, the only option is to move on! 

Low water pressure is a common problem in homes and can be a hassle to deal with. But just like a good group of friends that can be empowering to get rid of toxic people in life, a plumber can help a homeowner get over low water pressure. 

This Valentine’s Day, take a moment to learn more about the cause of low water pressure in clogged drains, how to fix it, and strategies to prevent it from ever happening in the first place. 

Causes of Low Water Pressure

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Low water pressure in the drains of a home can happen anywhere. When it happens, homeowners will be forced to deal with dirty water backed up into their tubs and sinks and maybe even toilets that threaten to overflow. Knowing what causes low water pressure in clogged drains can help homeowners understand what actions they can take to prevent them from ever starting. Some of the causes of low water pressure are:

  • Foreign objects getting flushed
  • Hair and soap scum clogs in bathtubs and sinks
  • Improper discarding of kitchen waste
  • Collapsed sewer lines

Fixes for Low Water Pressure

The cause of the low water pressure will determine the proper repairs. For example, if toilets are clogged, plunging may be the only action that needs to be taken. If plunging doesn’t work, then a plumber may need to snake the line or pull the toilet to remove a very stubborn clog. 

In the case of clogged kitchen drains or slow draining in a sink or a tub, pipe snaking or hydrojetting may be appropriate. Hydrojetting is a process that cleans the inside of pipes to remove the buildup of grease and scum. Hydrojetting can also be done to large sewer lines to prevent backups. 

If sewer lines have collapsed, the only option is to replace the sewer line. Tree roots are a common enemy of sewer lines. Unfortunately, there aren’t many steps a homeowner can take to protect their sewer line from tree roots. But, upgrading the line to more modern materials can help prevent roots from attacking the sewer line. 

Preventing the Causes of Low Water Pressure

Preventative drain cleaning is the best way to prevent problems associated with low water pressure. Drain maintenance is a service provided by many plumbing outfits to ensure that homeowners don’t have to deal with emergencies from a clogged drain. During a drain cleaning visit from a plumber, the technician will perform drain cleaning that is appropriate for all of the drains in the home. 


They will likely also perform maintenance on the sewer line as well. Routine drain cleaning can be done as often as necessary to prevent clogs, but homeowners should have it done at least once annually. This can even help save on the cost of calling out for emergency plumbing service. 

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