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Relaxing Tips For a Valentine's Day In

Turn the Bathroom Into a Relaxing Spa

All too often, people feel like they need an excuse to take some time. With the stress and bustle of everyday life, it's essential to know when to recharge the batteries. Why not use Valentine’s Day as an excuse? Instead of jumping right into fighting dinner crowds with a partner, enjoy the oasis available to everyone: their bathroom.

Not only is a bathroom a familiar place that gives a sense of home, but it can also quickly transform into a spa experience. This Valentine’s Day, take some time alone or with a partner and enjoy the relaxation that can be found at home. Here is some advice from local bathroom remodeling specialists to help get everyone started.

Take a Long Bath

bathtubBathing has been an essential ritual for thousands of years across nearly every culture, but it wasn’t until the Romans that bathtime became a matter of city planning and infrastructure. Roman baths were modern marvels that represented the pinnacle of healthcare. Why not take advantage of the marvels already in the home?

The benefits of bathing:

  • Reduced stress
  • Improved sleep
  • Better circulation
  • Lowered blood pressure

A few ideas to step up the bathtime experience are:

  • Bubbles: They aren’t just for kids.
  • Bath Salts: Bath bombs or Epsom salts can enhance relaxation and replenish valuable
  • nutrients like magnesium. Restoring magnesium levels with regular bathing can enhance relaxation and deepen sleep.

  • Aromatherapy: The idea of hanging out in the bathroom for extended periods may not seem exciting to some, considering what else goes on in there. The mind can be put at ease by adding some candles or aromatherapy oils to give a bath that spa feeling.


Add Some Color

One thing the Romans didn’t have access to that our society benefits from is electricity. Homeowners can use this utility to enhance bathtime through color-changing LEDs. LEDs can be incorporated into a bathroom in dozens of places, including overhead lighting, vanity lighting, and under-cabinet lighting.

Colors have a way of furthering relaxation, so adding them into a luxury bathroom is essential. Focus on warm colors like red and orange for relaxation. Studies show they promote endorphin production that can deepen relaxation and enhance sleep.

rain showerhead

Rain Shower Showerheads

Bathtime isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean there is no alternative for relaxation. A long, hot shower can be just as relaxing as a nice bath. The easiest way to make a shower feel luxurious is to install a rain showerhead. Rain showerheads don’t spray water on the body but allow warm water to fall from straight overhead. The experience is practical as well as relaxing.

Rainshower heads can be installed with LEDs or speakers for added luxury. They can be installed as one piece during a bathroom renovation, and different models are available to meet every budget to provide that one-of-a-kind experience for years to come.

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