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The Reason That is Causing Your Home's Water to Look Yellow

Tips for Dealing With Yellow Water

There are pleasant surprises and not so pleasant surprises, and life always has a mix of both. Finding extra cash in a wallet that hasn’t been used in a while is a very pleasant surprise. But on the other hand, turning on the faucet and seeing yellow water run down into the drain is a not so pleasant surprise. However, yellow water is quite common and happens to many people.

Much of it is a matter of prevention with the use of water filtration systems, but if yellow water does occur, it’s important to know what to do next. First, test the quality of the water to make sure that there are no dangerous contaminants in it, then determine the culprit of the discolored water, and finally, implement a solution.

Poor Water Quality

water qualityFirst of all, if discolored water is running out of the faucet, do not drink it. Discolored water is often a sign of poor water quality, and the quality of the water that people drink affects their overall health.

Drinking polluted water can lead to gastrointestinal illness, respiratory problems, neurological disorders, and even reproductive problems.

In the case of water quality, it’s better to be safe than sorry. So stock up on bottled water for the time being until an expert can test the water quality and determine if there is any risk when drinking it.

Rusty Pipes Could be the Culprit

Many times, rusty pipes are a common cause of yellowing water. Red, orange, and yellow water are all associated with rust. When pipes are old and begin to rust, some of that rust can seep into the water causing it to turn different colors.

rusty pipes

One of the biggest concerns of yellow water is that the rust sediment can attach itself to the inner walls of the home’s plumbing system. When this happens, combined with the pressurization of water, the pipes can start to crack, leak, or burst.

Use Water Filters

water filtersIf yellowing water does occur, the best solution is to use water filters or water softeners. These tools can break down any deposits that cause pipes to rust. They clean the water and prevent it from getting worse.

Especially when the city, rather than the house, is the source of the problem, adding a water filter is really all that can be done. The water filters will need to be maintained over time, meaning they should be switched out every few years.

If discolored water continues, the filters may need to be replaced more often than that. If the source of the problem is within the house, the rusted pipes can be removed and replaced. However, even in this case, it may be best to add a water filter or softener to prevent future rusting.

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