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Water Leak Detection Facts You Must Know!

Reliable Water Leak Detection Details You Can Use

Ever wonder what makes pipes leak? Are you frustrated with constant water leaks disrupting your routine at home? Water leaks are among some of the most common and irritating plumbing problems. Each water leak is unique, but there are many details that apply across the board.

Continue reading more reliable water leak detection details you can use in your everyday life:

What Are the Effects of Water Leaks and Why Are They Dangerous?

Most homeowners will recognize the signs and symptoms of water leaks in the home. Some of the most significant signs include:

  • water leakCold spots on the floor or walls.
  • The sound of rushing water in the walls.
  • Water stains.
  • Mold.
  • Rising water bills.

While these issues may not sound like the most severe problem in the world, some definite negative effects can stem from them. For example, mold growth in the home can lead to health problems and the difficult-to-remove nature of mold itself can decrease the value of your home or make it difficult to sell in the future.

Additionally, as water rushes into areas of your home where moisture is not expected, you will experience significant structural rot and damage that often requires extensive and expensive renovations once the leak is repaired.

How Do Plumbing Companies Detect the Source of the Leak?

You may think you have a general idea of the location of your water leak, but finding the precise source can sometimes prove difficult. In most cases, water leaks are located in the walls, floor, or ceiling, making it next to impossible to find the exact spot without professional help.

detection benefits

Some of the most effective water leak detection methods include:

  • Dig and Drill: This is an invasive method where a drill goes through your walls or floor to expose the damaged pipe. It’s beneficial because it allows for a quick repair since the damaged pipe is already exposed.
  • Infrared Cameras: These special tools allow technicians to take multiple shots of the pipe at different angles. With it, they can pinpoint the source of the leak as well as the severity of the problem.
  • Meter Testing: Using a special tool, water pressure is measured in your pipe and compared to a healthy pipe to determine if there is a leak.

Is There Anything Homeowners Can Do to Prevent Leaks?

importantThe short answer to this question is yes! Preventative maintenance is the best way to stop leaks before they even begin. By investing a little time and money into maintenance, you will save hundreds, or, even, thousands of dollars on water leak repairs. Some of the best services recommended for preventing leaks include:
  • Drain cleaning to remove grease and debris from the pipes.
  • Pipe inspections to spot any weak spots or minor leaks that require repair before they become bigger.

Homeowners should also invest in repiping when the time is right. If you are spending money on constant water leak repairs, a repipe project will be better suited to solve the issue for good and save significant money in the long run.

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