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What Can Keep a Home Green This St. Patrick's Day?

Here Are Some Easy Ways of Making a Home Eco-friendly

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stated that a family of four could go through an estimated 400 gallons of water each day. That is a lot of use on residential plumbing systems. Creating an eco-friendly plumbing system helps the environment, but it can also drive down the utility bills. 

Here are some tips on how to make a home’s plumbing system eco-friendly:

  • Use eco-friendly chemicals: Using harsh chemicals can eat away at the pipes and cause trouble down the road. If the sink is backed up, call a plumber and have them come out to remove the clog or purchase an environmentally friendly enzyme product recommended by a reputable plumber.
  • Either insulate or change out the pipes: Insulating the existing pipes installed is a cheaper way to ensuring a homeowner does not lose too much heat from the water lines. Or a homeowner can replace the pipes with a more efficient, eco-friendly plumbing system.
  • Check for leaks: Even a small leak can cost big eventually. Having a reputable plumber come out to make sure the pipes are working correctly; a homeowner can have peace of mind that everything is working the way it is supposed to. 

Reserve Water Usage 

It is easy to take for granted the water supply within a home. It is often not a second thought to keep the water running when trying to complete a chore or task. Experts will give insight on many ways to conserve water, and homeowners will start to see a change in their water bill.

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  • After a long day at work, taking a nice long bath is relaxing and helps unwind. But filling up the tub several times a week can become quite costly. A tub can hold at least 70 gallons, and filling up multiple times a week can cost a lot and create more work on the pipes. Consider taking fewer bathes a week and instead take showers to cut the water cost.
  • While brushing teeth, try to remember to turn the water off. The only time the water should be running is when it is time to rinse. If the water is needed, then turn the water back off after use. While it might not seem to make a big difference, it can add up on a water bill.
  • Showerheads tend to clog up due to calcium and lime build-up. By soaking the showerhead in vinegar for about eight hours, the minerals will break up, and the showerhead will unclog, and the water pressure will return to normal.

Only Flush Recommended Toilet Paper 

Flushing non-recommended products down the toilet can cause issues with the water and the pipes in the house. The item can get stuck in the lines and cause sewage back up. Sewage back up can be a mess and a pain to clean up.

Ever wonder how plastic ends up in the ocean? One of the ways is by flushing plastic or other items not recommended by experts down the toilet. Plastic products such as wipes, cotton balls, and the like are flushed all the time, and they eventually end up in the ocean and around the sea life. Doing the right thing by correctly disposing of trash will help with pollution and keep the water supply from being contaminated.

letters Replace Old Appliances with Eco-friendly Appliances

There are many eco-friendly appliances on the market these days. Homeowners can find faucets, showerheads, toilets, and water heaters to save energy and reduce costs. The high-efficiency appliances and fixtures reduce water usage by using less water but keeping the same amount of pressure.

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