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Why Whole-Home Water Filtration Is so Important

Every Home Should Use Filtered Water for These Three Reasons

Without water, there would be no life. More accurately, without clean, drinkable water, there wouldn’t be such vibrant and amazing societies. Water is the building block of life. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to clean water. And some people who think their water is clean may be sorely mistaken when things become clear. This is why whole-home water filtration is so important: it doesn’t leave clean, healthy water to chance. 

The right whole-home filtration system means that there’s no longer a worry about the quality of the water coming out of the faucets in the home. So read on to find out the three reasons every home should use a whole-home filtration system. 

Improved Taste and Smell


There’s nothing like a nice long drink of fresh, cool water on a warm day. But a strange taste or smell can turn that refreshing gulp into a frightening experience. What is in the water to make it smell and taste that way? Is it dangerous? All too many homeowners find themselves asking these questions about the tap water in their homes. Fortunately, most of the time, a strange smell or taste isn’t something to be concerned over. But that doesn’t mean it’s pleasant. 

Whole-home filtration options will remove strange smells and tastes from the water, leaving behind nothing but fresh, clean, healthy water. And since the system cleans the water for the entire home, the water for showering, bathing, and brushing teeth is always clean and fresh, all the time. 

Lead and Chlorine Removal

Lead and chlorine can both be a problem with tap water. Lead is especially troublesome because it can build up to dangerous levels in the body, causing serious health problems. According to the CDC, there’s no safe amount of lead in drinking water; any amount is harmful. And lead isn’t just a danger in drinking water. It can be absorbed through the skin during showers or baths. Luckily, a whole-home filtration system can remove lead from the water entering the home. 

Chlorine is commonly found in tap water as it is often used as part of a water treatment regime. Chlorine is a good thing when it comes to making sure water is safe from viruses and the like. But that doesn’t mean homeowners want to drink it. In fact, once chlorine has done its job, there’s not much reason for it to be present in the water, which is why whole-home systems filter it out. 

Added Protection Against Bacteria and Pollutants

pollutantsThe third and final reason to invest in a whole-home filtration system is for added protection against bacteria and pollutants. While most tap water is safe, there are occasions where something happens to the water between the treatment plant and the home. 

Whether it’s contaminated due to a backflow problem or a burst pipe allows agricultural chemicals into the water supply, a whole-home system can ensure that any water entering the home is cleaned and made safe first. In essence, a filtration system that protects the entire home provides peace of mind and confidence that everyone in the house has access to safe water. 

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