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Take Care of Your Plumbing and Prevent Leaks Using This Simple Guide

Take Care of Your Plumbing and Prevent Leaks Using This Simple Guide

For every homeowner, plumbing leaks are usually an inevitable part that comes with home ownership. Plumbing leaks vary greatly in terms of damage, cleanup, and overall cost.

That’s where preventative maintenance comes in. Simply by being proactive and committed to sourcing out leaks, you can eliminate a lot of the factors in your home that cause leaks.

Here is a great guide to get you started preventing leaks to protect your Abingdon, MD home.

Bring Down the Water Pressure

Low Water PressureYou do need a certain amount of water pressure to comfortably shower and do your washing.

However, if you let that water pressure creep up too high, you could be doing a great deal of damage to your pipes.

If the speed and strength of the water are too substantial, it actually wears the pipes down and causes leaks. This is an easy fix though. Have a water pressure regulator installed to make sure that you stay within the safe range of 45-60 psi.

Don’t Use Clog Removers

Chemical Clog RemoverIf you’ve never experienced a clog before, you may not be sure what to do about it.

You may feel pressure to do whatever you can to get rid of the clog in the moment because they are messy and inconvenient.

The solution is not to use a commercial clog remover though. The same acid that is working to break through the clog is also working to break through your pipes. That could be enough to break your pipes and cause leaks. Use a plumbing snake or ask your plumber for assistance.

Learn How to Find Leaks

Identify a LeakIf you are serious about protecting your home, finding leaks is one skill you’ll want to master.

That’s because you can avoid a lot of damage from leaks if you take care of them before they have a chance to develop into a bigger problem.

Be on the lookout for pooling water, moisture, water damage (discoloration, rust, peeling paint and wallpaper). Other telltale signs for leaks include rising water bills and low water pressure that doesn’t make sense.

Pipe CorrosionKeep Your Pipes from Corroding

Another danger to your plumbing system is corrosion. This is made even worse if your water is high in minerals.

These minerals interact with the pipe materials and rust, which will eventually cause leaks.

One great solution here is to install a water softener, which will eliminate many of the harsh minerals.

Don’t ignore leaks. Even small ones can cause big problems if you put off dealing with them for too long.