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What Plumbing Service Prices Can Reveal

What Plumbing Service Prices Can Reveal

Paying attention to plumbing costs, like the price of products, will reveal a lot about the plumbing services you are about to receive. If you are aware of how much a leaky pipe costs to fix, for example, you’ll be able to spot a dishonest price quote when a contractor estimates your service will cost $2,000.

Avoid companies who quote you at far higher than average cost, as they will likely do it again if you let them get away with it once. If, by contrast, a plumbing contractor quotes you well below what you know a plumbing service should cost, it isn’t necessarily because they are a nice person who wants to cut you a deal. More likely, a below average price for a service is going to result in a below average quality service.

Don’t trust any plumbing company, for example, who charges about 40 dollars for a drain cleaning service. So how much should these services cost then? Read on to get educated on the average price points for a few everyday plumbing needs.

How Much Should It Cost to Fix a Leaking Pipe?

Overall, between detection, repair, and replacing drywall (if need be), fixing a leaky pipe should not cost much, but you must add the extra services.


  • The first the leak detection service to find the exact spot where your pipe is broken and needs to be fixed.
  • Next comes the pipe repair itself.
  • The rest is the estimated cost to repair any drywall that had to be knocked out in order to get to the pipe if it is behind a wall. This amount can varies depending on how big the hole is.

What About a Clogged Drain?

“clogrepaircost”In some cases, clogged drains don’t need professional expertise at all. If you have a clogged toilet or garbage disposal, you can likely solve the problem yourself easily and save yourself some money.

If you are experiencing issues such as recurring clogs, or multiple drains clogging at once, then you probably have a pretty substantial clog further back in the line that is going to require professional attention.

Sometimes, video camera inspection of the pipes is needed to find exactly where the blockage is happening. This service can cost more than the removal of the clog itself.

Or a Dripping Faucet?

“drippingfaucet”Like clogged drains, dripping faucets are usually one of the lower cost plumbing services.

In most cases, a plumber can stop a faucet drip by replacing one of a few components that may wear out over time or tightening a couple of screws.

Dripping faucet repair should be very affordable, depending on how much work needs to be done and what condition your faucet is in, aside from the dripping.