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Why Saving Water for Summer Is Key

Why Saving Water for Summer Is Key

As a plumber, we often receive calls from customers who are concerned about their water waste, and they want to lower their bills. Is your home wasting too much water? Whether you have received a larger than average water bill or you just want a way to conserve to protect our beautiful planet; there are some things that you can do. We all should be concerned about preserving the earth and the less water we use, the better it is for Mother Nature.

conserve-waterAcknowledging Your Water Wasting Ways

There are many ways that you can conserve on water; some are more simplistic than others. One of the first ways is to acknowledge your consumption and strategically fix waste issues going on in your home. Do you let the water run while you are brushing your teeth? If you do, then you are wasting massive money. If a family of four lets the water run while brushing their teeth, it is estimated it wastes more than 200 gallons of water each month. Now, times that amount by the estimated number of people in this area that does the same thing.

It is easy to see how much water is wasted on such a silly thing. Simply get the toothbrush wet and then turn the water off. Turn it on again to rinse. Better yet, use a glass of water for all of your tooth brushing needs.

Flushing Away Too Much Water

Other ways that you can conserve water is by replacing an old and worn out toilet. According to a recent study, the average toilet with more than five years of age takes about seven gallons of water to flush. Again, by doing the math, it is easy to see how much water is wasted each time a person flushes the toilet.

world-water-conservationWe can help you reduce your water consumption by adding a new more "flush efficient" toilet. A newer shower will use about three gallons to flush, but a super efficient model can flush with as little as one and a half gallons of water.

Toilets are not expensive, and we can have a new one installed for you in a matter of minutes. The savings in water consumption alone will more than pay for the price of the new unit. It is one of the best water conservation methods around.

Clean Clothes Equals Big Costs

If you have an older washer and dryer, you are wasting both water and energy. If your washer is more than about seven years old, it is wasting about 27-54 gallons of water during a cycle. Compare that with the new washing machines that use only 15-29 gallons per loan, and it is easy to see how this can add up to quick savings.

Water conservation efforts with a new washing machine will also cause a drastic reduction in the water bill. The waste alone from an old washer will more than pay for itself. New HE machines not only have the ability to get clothes cleaner, but you also can do fewer loads due to their open concept design. The removal of the agitator allows you to fit as much as 20 pairs of jeans in a super capacity washer.

Your Water is Drip.....Drip....Dripping Away

At some point in time, your faucets will develop annoying leaks. Not only are they annoying, but they are also very wasteful on the water. Do you have a leaking faucet? We are often called to the home to fix ongoing leaks. A leak will get worse over time; it can also corrode the faucet, sink area, and cause mold depending on where it lands. A leaking valve is water waste at its finest. It is senseless and putting on a new valve is very inexpensive. Here are some facts you probably do not know about a leaking faucet:

  • They can leak up to 300,000 gallons of water per year.
  • An average leak over a year's span is equivalent to more than 180 average showers.
  • 300,000 gallons of water is enough to wash 270 loads of laundry.

rain-barrel-collection-systemReplacing a faucet is a simple and inexpensive fix for a leak. If you are using buckets to catch your dripping water, you are wasting significant water and money.

Splish-Splash Don't Take A Bath

There is nothing better than a long and relaxing soak in a tub of warm water. However, if you fill the bathtub even half way up, you are using more than 50 gallons of water. This is more than most hot water tanks' capacity. A shower is a much better option, but if you are staying in the shower for more than 20 minutes, you are also wasting water.

According to statistics, the average shower is around eight minutes in length. A traditional show head will spew out more than two gallons per minute. If you were to stay in the shower for 20 minutes, you would use 40 gallons of water.

It does not take a long time to wash and go. Installing a water reduction shower head may be a viable option. There are so many ways to conserve water, and taking a short ten-minute shower is one of them.

It is easy to see that we waste lots of water in our homes. From letting the garden hose run too long to flushing the toilet too much; there are ways that we can easily conserve. However, sometimes we have things around the homes that can be installed to help us with our waste issues.

Fixing dripping faucets and putting on a water saving shower head are options that cannot be ignored. If you need the assistance of a professional plumber to ensure your home is consumption friendly.

For quality services in your Abingdon, MD home, call PlumbCrazy at (410) 679-7575. We want to help you improve your home's water efficiency. One call can put you on the road to savings.