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Enjoy Your Holiday Season by Keeping These Plumbing Headaches at Bay

Enjoy Your Holiday Season by Keeping These Plumbing Headaches at Bay

Imagine sitting down to your holiday dinner only to notice water dripping from the ceiling right into your dish of cranberry sauce. Plumbing disasters are notorious for occurring at the worst possible time, especially during the holidays.


But did you know that many of the worst plumbing emergencies are completely preventable? By taking care of a few things before the holidays start, you can breathe easy and enjoy the season without worrying about any potential plumbing hiccups.

Here are some of the most common plumbing headaches and some tips on how to solve them:

Plumbing Headache 1: Leaking Faucets

check-your-faucetsSolution: Inspect your faucet before the holidays to make sure that water flows freely when the faucet is on and does not drip when the faucet is off.

The most common issue that causes a faucet to leak is worn out O-rings or washers. Alternatively, built up debris and sediment in the faucet could cause the water to sprinkle out instead of flow nicely. By inspecting the faucet before the holidays, you can make sure the faucets are ready to handle this busy time of year.

Plumbing Headache 2: Burst Pipes Inside the Home

Solution: A burst pipe is any homeowner’s nightmare. Within seconds, water can come rushing into your home, damaging your property and putting a damper on holiday cheer. But did you know that by simply keeping your home heated to 55 degrees or more burstpipecould help prevent burst pipes?

A warm home is cozy and comfortable during the holidays, but it also keeps pipes from freezing and rupturing.

Plumbing Headache 3: Basement Flooding

Solution: Throughout the year, you may rely on your sump pump to move water away from your basement. During the winter, increased precipitation puts more pressure on the sump pump and may cause it to be overwhelmed. More commonly, we see sump pumps that are only used in emergency situations become seized and not work when they are needed.

To test your sump pump, try pouring some water in the tank to see if the motor kicks on. If nothing happens, the pump is probably seized and needs professional service.

Plumbing Headache 4: Cold Air is Getting to Your Pipes

Solution: Even the smallest crack in the wall can expose your pipes to enough cold air to freeze them. This is problematic because a frozen pipe is likely to burst and cause a scene. Insulate your pipes with foam insulation to protect them from the cold air and prevent a frozen burst pipe disaster.

Plumbing Headache 5: Your Water Heater is Losing Efficiency

water-hose-shut-off-valve-1Solution: In the winter, your water heater must work harder to maintain the temperature and continue providing warm water. The best way to help it along is with water heater insulation.

Most major brands also create individual sleeves that fit over the water heater, protecting it from the cold and improving the efficiency of the water heater over the winter.

Plumbing Headache 6: Your Outdoor Faucets are Leaking or Freezing

Solution: Outdoor faucets are just as likely to cause burst pipes or other issues during the winter if they are not properly prepared. While you may have removed the outdoor hoses as part of your fall plumbing maintenance, you also should make sure the shut-off valve is closed to prevent leaking or freezing of these faucets.

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