Abingdon & Bel Air Water Softener System Installation & Repair

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Water Softener System Installation & Repair Abingdon and Bel Air, MD

Many people talk about the danger of hard water, but what exactly does that mean? When your water contains high levels of magnesium or calcium it’s considered hard. The experts at PlumbCrazy are trained and experienced in the installation and repair of water softeners. A water softener will neutralize the minerals and make your water safe.

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How Does a Water Softener Work?

If your water has high levels of minerals such as magnesium or calcium, it is considered hard. Water gets these minerals in it from surrounding rock or soil. Since hard water can cause serious damage to your appliances, making the water safe to drink and use is vital.

A water softener uses salt in a separate tank to neutralize the minerals in your water. The salt ions bind to the magnesium and calcium, neutralizing it, making your water safe to consume and use in your appliances.

Why Is Hard Water Bad?

Many homeowners complain that hard water smells and tastes bad, but there are other issues it can cause. The minerals in the water can create a scale that builds up in your appliances. Scale can seriously damage your water heater, taps, and other plumbing appliances. Over time, the scale buildup can be so bad that your appliances will become too clogged and need to be replaced.

Hard water is also more difficult to lather and can make washing or showering unpleasant. If the soap isn’t able to lather, you won’t get the same cleaning power as you would with soft water.

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Signs You Could Benefit From a Water Softener

Most homes in rural areas could benefit from a water softener. If you are experiencing any of the following signs in your home, you should look into installing a water heater:

  • Bad smelling or tasting water.
  • Scale buildup on your faucets or other appliances.
  • Difficulty lathering soap.
  • Brown or yellow stains on your clothes out of the laundry.

Any number of these signs can mean you are being negatively impacted by hard water. A water softener will solve all of these problems and more, making your water safe and efficient.

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