Abingdon & Bel Air Burst Pipe Repair Services

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Burst Pipe Repair Services Abingdon and Bel Air, MD

Having a pipe burst in your home can cause serious damage and headaches for homeowners. Within minutes you could experience flooding or water damage from the pipe bursting. Burst pipes also do not wait for business hours, they can happen anytime. At PlumbCrazy in Bel Air, MD, and Abingdon, MD we offer emergency service to repair all your burst pipe problems.

Don't let your day be ruined by a burst pipe. See how our emergency plumbing services can save the day! Call us today for fair pricing and high-quality solutions.

High Water Bills? Wet Front Yard?

These could be signs that you have a leak in your water service outside the home. A leaking water main isn't just a high water bill, it's a destructive flow of water causing damage underground. This could impact the foundation walls of your home.

Do You Know What Kind Of Pipe You Have? 

There are different kinds of pipes that were used to supply water to homes. Some of these pipes are not made of a durable enough material, and eventually need to be replaced. We can see what type of pipe was used and hopefully prevent unexpected costs as you enjoy your home.

Replace Or Repair? 

If your water line does need to be replaced, there are different options. Let our estimator go over the options with you before you make a decision.

What Causes Burst Pipes?

A burst pipe can happen to anyone at any time. Although the most common cause of burst pipes is freezing. When your pipes are exposed to cold the water inside can freeze and expand. The expanded ice in the pipes will put unnecessary pressure on the pipe wall until a point where it cannot take it anymore and a rupture occurs. This is the most common cause of burst pipes. Another cause is weakened or corroded pipes bursting from the repeated use of chemical drain cleaners.

What to Do If You Have a Burst Pipe

If you have a burst pipe the first step is not to panic. Shut off the water to your home to prevent further damage and call the experts at PlumbCrazy. Our technicians are on call and have access to a full shop at all times. They are prepared for such emergencies. Once your trusted technician arrives, you can expect them to quickly locate the burst and repair it efficiently.

Having worn-out pipes can cause disastrous water leaks. Call PlumbCrazy for a water leak detection service in your home today!

How to Prevent Burst Pipes

You can protect your home against burst pipe emergencies by installing simple pipe insulation on the pipes in your home that are exposed to the cold. Outdoor pipes or pipes in unheated areas are more likely to freeze. Inexpensive foam pipe insulation can be purchased at any hardware store and is easy to slip over your pipes.

Another way to prevent pipes from freezing is to ensure any gaps where cold air can get in are sealed off. When it’s really cold outside, even the smallest gap can cause a pipe to freeze.

We also recommend that homeowners do not use chemical drain cleaners as the active ingredient in it, lye, can be damaging to the integrity of your pipes.

When you have a burst pipe emergency, there is no time to lose! The longer you wait, the more damage could be done to your Abingdon and Bel Air, MD home. Call the experts at PlumbCrazy today for all your burst pipe emergency repairs. Call us today at (410) 679-7575.