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Hydrojetting Services in Abingdon and Bel Air, MD
Do you have a clogged drain that just won’t go away? Are you looking for a better alternative to chemical drain cleaners that will corrode and damage your pipes? You could benefit from professional hydrojetting services. The team at PlumbCrazy is able to keep stubborn clogs away with this completely safe and effective service.

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Why Choose Hydrojetting?

Over time, your pipes may become clogged with dirt, grease, hair or food. Other mineral sediment can also settle on the pipe walls eventually causing clogs. If left unchecked, the clogs will harden and become more difficult to remove. Many homeowners feel that a chemical drain cleaner will suffice when in reality chemical cleaners can do more harm than good.

The active ingredient in most chemical drain cleaners is lye. Lye has a habit of corroding pipes over time and will weaken the structure of the pipe while also creating a porous surface that is ideal for minerals and sediment to create clogs on.

How Does It Work?

Hydrojetting is ideal because there are no dangerous chemicals being used. We work with a highly pressurized jet of reverse action water to blast away clogs and smooth the pores created by chemical drain cleaner. With hydrojetting you can say goodbye to current clogs and rest easy knowing you are preventing future clogs as well.

How Else Can Hydrojetting Be Used?

At present, hydrojetting is the only known method to clean sewer lines. Whether you have a clog or want to clean your sewer line to prevent future clogs, hydrojetting is the only way to accomplish it.

Some common items that can cause clogs in sewer lines include:

  • Roots: Root systems are always looking for water, if this means getting into your sewer line to accomplish that, they can do it. Hydrojetting will blast away roots and dirt in your sewer lines.
  • Non water-soluble items: Flushing items such as diapers or paper towels will eventually cause clogs in your sewer line.
  • Grease: Grease clogs in sewer lines typically happen about 30 feet away from your home, this is when the grease has a chance to cool and solidify. This is why it is so vital not to pour grease down the drain.

If your home has slow drainage issues, you might benefit from our drain cleaning service to get your pipes running back to normal. Schedule your appointment today!

Is Hydrojetting Safe for the Environment?

Today, more people are concerned about the environment than ever before. Homeowners especially look for ways to become more "green" in their daily lives. And one of the best ways to do that is to use hydrojetting when you have clogged drains. Consider these facts the next time your drains are clogged and then call and ask about our hydrojetting services.

  • Doesn’t use any chemicals that can leak out into the ground.
  • Works by using water under high pressure to remove foreign substances from pipes.
  • Chemical drain cleaners remove clogs but at the expense of damage to your pipes.
  • Protects your pipes while effectively removing clogs and keeping the environment clean.
  • Saves money in the long run by cleaning the entire pipe which means you have fewer clogs to repair.

The next time you have a stubborn clog, don’t reach for the over-the-counter drain cleaner; call PlumbCrazy and ask about our hydrojetting services and let us show you how effective, safe, and healthy for the environment it is.

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