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What's So Important About Backflow Testing

Everything You Need to Know About Backflow For many people, the word “backflow” is not a part of their normal vocabulary. They can reasonably assume what it is, but they may not know what backflow testing is or if they even have a backflow prevention device protecting their water supply. Unfortunately, backflow is one of


Hose Care Is House Care

  Garden hoses are the unsung heroes of the yard. They are both utility and recreation - able to fill pools for summer fun and help grow bountiful vegetable gardens. Have you ever stopped to think that your garden hose may need a bit of TLC? It is used for many things outside of your


Piping System Differences: Copper Pipes vs. Plastic Pipes

You’ll never guess how often the question is asked about the difference between copper water pipes and plastic water pipes - all the time! When you research this, it’s easy to become more confused as there’s a lot of information available. You’ve come to the right place for the right information, we’ve got all the


Water Filters Make Lemonade Better

  Lemonade is perhaps the beverage most synonymous with summer and cooling off in the hot afternoon heat. Most of us probably have wonderful summer memories of sharing a glass of cool lemonade with friends, family, or maybe even selling refreshing lemonade from a homemade stand to our neighbors and friends. One thing, however, that


Tips to Help DIY Dads Avoid Plumbing Fails

Tips to Help DIY Dads Avoid Plumbing Fails Father's Day is the perfect day to reflect upon and appreciate the impact that great dads or father figures have made in so many of our lives. It’s hard to quantify the amount of good advice, support, and protection that dads provide over the years. Plus, sometimes