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Water Filters Make Lemonade Better



Lemonade is perhaps the beverage most synonymous with summer and cooling off in the hot afternoon heat. Most of us probably have wonderful summer memories of sharing a glass of cool lemonade with friends, family, or maybe even selling refreshing lemonade from a homemade stand to our neighbors and friends.

One thing, however, that can ruin a nice glass of lemonade is if it’s made with unfiltered and poorly tasting water. When water is unfiltered, ingredients and toxins that you weren’t expecting can severely impact the taste you were trying to achieve; with water filters, though, your beverages will improve in taste.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some ways UV filters, whole-house filters, and hard water softeners can improve your beverage experience, and make things like lemonade taste better.

Hard Water and Its Effects

When your home’s water has a high mineral content, it’s called “hard water”. You can tell your water is hard based on the following signs:

  • hardwaterMineral-like smell and taste
  • Stains on your toilet, sinks, and showers
  • Continuously clogged pipes
  • Trouble cleaning your clothing properly
  • Skin irritation

In order to resolve the issue of hard water, you can have a water softening system added to the house. Using an ion exchange process to remove the minerals like calcium, iron, and magnesium a water softener will then replace the minerals with ions; this process makes the water much healthier and cleaner for use and drinking.

Benefits of a Whole House Water Filter

wholehousewaterfilterUnfiltered water can often carry minerals, toxins, and bacteria that are harmful to our bodies; not to mention, filtered water tastes better.

When you install a whole house water filter, it can remove up to 30 contaminants that are dangerous to the health of you and your family.

It can also help your family have improved showering and cleaning experiences. Best of all, it’s going to make your water taste better as well!

How UV Water Filters Work

uvwaterfiltersUV water filters are another way to ensure your home’s drinking water is safer and healthier to use. Utilizing ultraviolet rays, dangerous microorganisms and bacteria can be killed; homeowners will often have a UV water filter system installed once they have a “bad water” reading at their home where e.coli and other dangerous bacteria may be found.

The cost to install and operate this type of system is minimal, and they are found to be 99.9% effective in eliminating bacteria and other contaminants found in the water system of your home. The quality of the drinking water you and your family use within your home is not something that should be ignored; your health depends greatly on the water you ingest.

If you notice something may be off with your water system, including any smells or funny tastes, you should have a professional come to your residence right away to assess the situation and advise as to what you can do to fix the problem. Call us today and we can schedule a technician to come out right away and get your water back to where it should be again.