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Hose Care Is House Care

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Garden hoses are the unsung heroes of the yard. They are both utility and recreation - able to fill pools for summer fun and help grow bountiful vegetable gardens. Have you ever stopped to think that your garden hose may need a bit of TLC?

It is used for many things outside of your home, and it is often left in the elements 24/7. We’re here to tell you why it’s important to take proper care of your garden hose and how neglect could possibly affect your outdoor plumbing.

Plumbing For Your Garden

gardenplumbingThe first rule of hose care is to store your hose properly. Your garden hose, nozzles, sprinklers, and other various hose equipment make up your garden plumbing, and all of it should be taken care of as if it was just as important as indoor plumbing.

Wrapping up your hose and putting it away in between uses is the best way to extend its life. There is more than one way to wrap your garden hose for storage.

Hose reels can be bought; you can choose different kinds, like the stationary reel that can be installed in a shed or on the side of your home or a boxed reel that allows your hose to be stored inside of it and pulled out for use. If you don’t have a reel, simply rolling the hose up after each use and storing it away can help extend its life, as well.

Hoses Get Sunburnt, Too

sunbreakageThe elements are harsh. The sun can wreak havoc on a garden hose. Hoses that are left in the sun daily dry out and crack. Sometimes sun damage can quickly render a garden hose useless, and, with hoses costing an average of $10 for cheap, basic ones and $30 to $40 for better hoses that can still degrade in the sun, replacing your hose over and over can get expensive pretty fast.

As a general rule of thumb, you should always store your hose once you’re done using it. If you don’t have a reel or a hook to hang it on, at the very least you should keep it out of the sun. Not only will this ensure it lasts longer, but also it can keep your yard looking its best.

Don’t Let Your Outdoor Plumbing Waste Water

wateruseEven though a garden hose is made for water, it will stop working properly if it’s left out in the weather and allowed to degrade. Once a garden hose dry-rots and begins to crack, leaks can occur.

The leaks lead to the use of much more water than normal, resulting in higher water bills and tackling on even more cost with higher water bills.

Additionally, if your hose is leaking while it’s being stored in a utility shed or a washroom, it can leak onto the structure, causing the structure’s integrity to be compromised and causing the growth of mold or fungus that can introduce even more danger to the area.

It’s Even Better for the Planet

Next time you are watering your outside plants or watching your kids play in the sprinkler, at PlumbCrazy we want you to take a moment and check your garden hose. See if there are dry, cracked places or leaking holes.

If there are, purchase a hose reel when you buy your replacement hose. You can trust that taking good care of your garden hose will be good for your wallet, your home, and the planet. The earth’s landfills will definitely benefit from not having to hold as many wasted garden hoses!