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Looking to Commit? We Are Too!

Looking to Commit? We Are Too!


There are two kinds of people on Valentine's Day - people in committed relationships who spend the entire evening together letting everyone know how in love they are, and people who are deathly allergic to commitment and refuse to go out with on Valentine's Day for fear the other person may get the wrong idea about where this relationship is going.

If you’re the latter kind of person, there is good news for you! When it comes to commitments that last, a plumbing maintenance plan is a stable decision anyone can commit to! Continue reading to find out all about how a plumbing maintenance plan from PlumCrazy can help you keep your commitment to take better care of your plumbing!

Plumbing Emergency

plumbingemergencyNo one likes dealing with a plumbing emergency. Coming home to a flooded house caused by a pipe that burst while you were out, or having to clean up after a clogged drain causes sewage to back up out of your sink or toilet is about the least romantic situation you can imagine.

The good news is that regular plumbing maintenance can help you avoid emergencies in the future. An integral part of maintaining your plumbing is keeping your drains clean without any emergency plumbing situations.

Professional drain cleanings can clear out stubborn clogs, while also giving your plumber a chance to inspect your drains and pipes for any potential problems.

Pipe System

pipesystemHow old is your home’s pipe system? Over time, pipes can become worn from the constant flow of water rushing through them. This wear and tear can make your pipes vulnerable to breaking.

Pipes that are not properly maintained will begin to see issues like corrosion and rust, wear, and even cracks or holes far sooner than pipes that are regularly cleaned out and inspected. The consequence of letting your pipe system go unmaintained is pipe failure, which can lead to costly flooding in your home.

Aside from the damage that premature pipe failure can do to your property, replacing your entire pipe system can also cost a pretty penny. Do yourself a favor and extend the life of your pipes now by investing in a plumbing maintenance plan.

Long Term

longtermWhen it comes to long term care for your home’s plumbing systems, the best thing you can do is invest in a maintenance plan with a trusted plumber, like the ones at PlumbCrazy, that will stick with you over several years.

You don’t bounce carelessly around from doctor to doctor throughout your life, because you want your doctor to know your medical history when they are treating you.

The same should be true of your plumbing- you want your plumber to know your system’s history. Of course, maintenance service plans like these are specifically geared towards homeowners who will likely have the same plumbing system for several years.

Are you interested in saving money while taking care of your home's plumbing systems? Then commit to making PlumCrazy your go-to plumbers! Give us a call today at (410) 679-7575 to get started with your plumbing maintenance plan right away! Don't let PlumbCrazy get away; you won't find another plumbing company like us!