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Stop the Haunting Noises of Water Hammer This Halloween

Stopping Spooky Sounds in the Walls 

Plenty of problems can occur in a home and haunt homeowners. But loud banging noises inside the house may not be from Halloween spookiness, but a plumbing problem called water hammer. Water hammer is a phenomenon that afflicts the plumbing in homes and can cause homeowners to worry. 

The water hammer must be taken care of sooner rather than later to prevent damage to the home and piping. Here is a quick guide about water hammers and how plumbers can fix them so homeowners don’t have to be scared of these spooky noises anymore. 

Understanding Water Hammer 

Water hammer is a descriptive term because the result of a water hammer is a loud banging sound that echoes through the pipes of a home. The cause of the noise is a rapid stop or change in the direction of the water flowing through a pipe. This often occurs when a valve is rapidly shut, like a washing machine valve stopping the machine from filling up. 

Water hammer is such a common problem that special devices can be installed to absorb the shock of the water. These devices act as a cushion to allow the shockwave to push against a spring or air pocket so the resulting hydraulic shock doesn’t turn into a risk to the piping. 

Risks Posed by a Water Hammer 

water hammer The plumbing in a home is pressurized, and the pipes handle the water flow. Think of the pressure coming out of a garden hose, and it's easy to see that shutting that flow off quickly would result in a rapid pressure change. The pressure change occurring within the walls of the pipes from a water hammer shakes them hard, causing loud sounds. 

However, repeated stress from a water hammer can also weaken pipes and their joints and connections. This can cause more severe effects like leaks and burst pipes, which can cause all sorts of problems like flooding, water damage, mold growth, and higher water bills.  

How Professionals Handle Water Hammers 

water hammer service The possibility of leaks, burst pipes, and property damage means homeowners shouldn’t leave water hammers untreated. When a water hammer is noticed, homeowners should call a professional to fix it. There are several solutions for treating a water hammer, depending on what caused it. 

Plumbers may install water hammer arrestors or air chambers to absorb the shock from water pressure. The plumbing may also have existing air chambers filled with water that need to be drained. They may also need to reduce the water pressure or cushion and better secure the pipes to prevent banging. Calling a plumber is the best way to stop a water hammer, as they will know the best solutions for the home.  

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