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The Holidays Are Coming! Is Your Bathroom Plumbing Ready?

Make Sure Your Toilet Is Ready for All Your Holiday Visitors

It’s no secret that many people find the holidays stressful. That goes double for homeowners that are hosting guests for the holidays. The list of things to do to prepare seems endless, and the last thing anyone needs is to deal with a bathroom plumbing emergency, which is why homeowners can read on to discover how to prepare bathroom plumbing for the holiday season. 

Signs You Should Replace Your Toilet


It can be hard to tell when a toilet needs replacing. After all, most toilets have a small issue from time to time, whether it’s a broken chain, a loose flapper, or the occasional clog. However, there are certain signs to look out for that indicate a failing toilet. 

The most obvious sign is a crack in the bowl or the tank. However, small cracks aren’t always visible. Homeowners that find water pooled around their toilet but don’t see a crack should call a plumber for an inspection. A leak isn’t always due to a crack, but it’s always a good idea to figure out what’s causing it as soon as possible. 

Other signs include frequent clogs and frequent fixes. Both are indicative of a failing toilet. Sometimes a clogged toilet is the result of an issue in the home’s plumbing, but a professional is needed to determine this. 

Avoiding a Clogged Toilet (When More People Are Using It)

For homeowners with old and ailing toilets, the best way to avoid a clog is to replace the fixture altogether. There are low-flow and no-clog toilets on the market now that can save water, save money, and prevent clogs no matter how many people are using it. For homeowners with newer toilets but frequent clogs, slow draining, or other issues, involving a plumber is the best option. 

Finally, when there are guests in the house, it’s good to make sure everyone is aware of what and what not to flush. Even a tasteful sign hung over the toilet in the bathroom can be a nice way to remind people what goes in the toilet and what goes in the trash.  

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Professional Clogged Toilet Solutions

Most clogged toilets are fairly easy to fix with a plunger and some elbow grease. However, when clogs don’t want to clear, it’s time to call a professional. The issue could be more extensive than just a run-of-the-mill drain clog. A plumbing technician will be able to troubleshoot the problem with tools that most homeowners don’t possess.

For tough clogs, plumbers will often use a plumber’s snake, which is a thin, segmented metal auger that can “snake” down the drain and punch through a clog. Snakes are also available at most hardware stores. But for those really resistant clogs, hydro-jetting is often used. This is the practice of using a powerful jet of water to clear out a clogged drain. This solution is ideal for those homes with older plumbing systems that could be damaged by the use of a plumber’s snake. 

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