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Top Tips to Find Quality Services When Searching "Plumber Near Me"

Using “Plumber Near Me” May Not Always Yield The Best Results

Shopping around for skilled tradesmen has never been easier. In the days of the phone book, homeowners would have to pull out the yellow pages and call multiple contractors and hope for the best. Shopping for contractors with phone books was slow and inefficient and provided no way to prove a contractor was skilled or reliable. In the age of the internet, it is easier to locate and contact tradesmen.

Now there are also more resources available to help vet potential candidates than were available from the phone book. Well-constructed websites offer detailed information about contractors that include work experience, reviews, and insurance information. These three details can provide valuable information to help a homeowner choose a reliable contractor.

What is Their Work Experience?

work experienceWhen looking through the lists of “plumber near me” that you are considering hiring, it is important to look at work experience. A quick look at their websites should provide you with this information. Check the “about us” section of their website to see if they list a year that they started their business.

Companies that have been in business longer have a better chance of providing reliable customer service. Furthermore, more years in service means that a contractor has more experience to make your job go quick and smooth.

It is also important to check the licenses and experience of individual workers when you can. Most states, Maryland included, have websites (click here) where citizens can access trade license information of company owners and the individual technicians they employ. This information holds the contractors accountable to the consumer, helping to ensure that you are getting taken care of by a fully licensed individual.

What Do Their Previous Customers Think?

Searching for “plumber near me” can also quickly give you access to customer reviews of plumbing contractors. A plumbing contractor’s website should have reviews of satisfied customers that demonstrate their commitment to customer service.


When you are shopping for tradesmen, it is beneficial to cross-check the contractor’s website with other online review sites, including Google, Better Business Bureau, and Angie’s List. Reading good and bad reviews of a plumber’s work will help you decide if you want to hire a company and prepare you to handle any complications that may arise.

Are They Bonded and Insured?

insuredWhen searching for local plumbers, it is important that any potential candidates for hire advertise that they are “bonded and insured.” Bonding and insurance helps protect you and your property from any accidents or injuries that may occur during or as a result of the workmanship of the plumber.

When you hire a contractor that carries both, you protect yourself from any liability that could occur if a worker is injured during the job or if your property is damaged by defects resulting from materials or labor of your job. Tradesmen who carry bonding and insurance will advertise it since it is a hallmark of reputable service.

Make sure you find this information. You can also verify their insurance status when you look up their licensure information on your state’s website since states require insurance verification as a part of the licensing procedure. With the information, a contractor makes available you can even call their insurance company to verify that their policies are up to date and sufficient to cover any issues that could arise on your property.

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