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What's So Important About Backflow Testing

Everything You Need to Know About Backflow

For many people, the word “backflow” is not a part of their normal vocabulary. They can reasonably assume what it is, but they may not know what backflow testing is or if they even have a backflow prevention device protecting their water supply. Unfortunately, backflow is one of those things that can happen without anyone knowing it until it’s too late. 

But, with routine backflow testing, homeowners and business owners don’t have to worry about backflow happening to them.

What Does “Backflow” Mean?

The term “backflow” in plumbing is used to describe a scenario in which there’s a drastic change in water pressure in the pipes, resulting in the backward flow of water. The most common cause of this is when a water main breaks, and suddenly the pressure in the home’s plumbing system drops, making the downstream pressure much higher than the water supply pressure. And if there’s no backflow preventer or a malfunctioning one, this can cause serious problems for the home. 

At a glance and excusing all the jargon, backflow doesn’t sound like much of an issue. So what if water flows backward? What does it hurt? Well, the problem here is what’s in the water that’s flowing backward. Most of the time, it’s sewage. So when sewage is allowed to flow back into the home, it can contaminate the water supply with nasty bugs like E. Coli, hepatitis, and salmonella. Sometimes insecticides and other chemicals can end up in the water supply as well. Keeping this from happening is what backflow prevention is all about.  

Why Does Backflow Testing Need to Be Certified?backflow

Backflow preventers are installed at cross-connection points where backflow is likely to occur in the event of a change in pressure. However, since these devices could be considered emergency devices that don’t get regular use, they need to be tested regularly to ensure they’re functioning properly. After all, a faulty backflow preventer can end up allowing contaminated water into the home, which can have serious health consequences for anyone who drinks or bathes in the water. 

Since these devices are so important, they need to be tested and certified once a year by a professional. This testing and certification are required by law across the country, as the issue of backflow could cause a public health hazard, as even entire neighborhoods can have a contaminated water supply due to backflow. 

Who Can Perform Backflow Testing and Certification?plumber

The only people who can perform backflow testing are those that are certified to test these devices. Since backflow preventers come in different forms and use different mechanisms to prevent backflow, it’s important that whoever is testing the device has been trained in its use. 

Anyone who needs backflow testing done should contact a professional plumbing company and make sure their technicians are backflow testing certified. Luckily, if there’s something wrong with the backflow preventer, certified plumbers can handle the issue quickly and effectively so that backflow is no longer a danger. 

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