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The Latest Toilet Technologies

Latest Toilet Technology One: Automatic Flushing Toilets

Businesses such as retail establishments and medical facilities have had automatic flushing toilets to keep restrooms more sanitary for the public for several years.

Abingdon, MD Toilet-TechnologiesToday, toilet manufacturers are also creating automatic flushing toilets for private residences, and our plumbers understand how to install these devices.

In some cases, the toilet has a seat that recognizes pressure, and when someone stands up, the toilet flushes on its own.

Other toilets are designed with a sensor that recognizes when someone is standing in front, and it will flush immediately.

Latest Toilet Technology Two: Maintaining a Toilet Bowl’s Cleanliness

Keeping a toilet bowl looking clean and smelling fresh is a constant chore for our customers, but there are new models of toilets that will remove debris better during the flushing process.

When more water is injected into the toilet bowl after it flushes, the debris is washed away from the sides. In addition, the water is injected with a pressured system that helps to eliminate the pathogens from the toilet bowl.

Latest Toilet Technology Three: Modern Composting Toilets

For our customers in the Abingdon area who want to live off the grid, there are now modern composting toilets available. These plumbing fixtures are available in several attractive colors to avoid the camping at a cabin in the woods appearance.

The newest technology for composting toilets uses little to no water, and with the right system, there is less odor in a Abingdon home. With installation of the right type of system, the waste travels to a holding location outside a building where it decomposes into natural fertilizer.

Latest Toilet Technology Four: Computerized Voice and Remote Controlled Toilets

Computerized toilets are popular in Japan, and companies also offer the devices in the United States. With a computer, our customers can use a remote control to warm a toilet’s seat in the morning or set a mechanism to flush the toilet at certain times of the day.

With a voice command, it is possible for our customers to have a toilet seat open or close to avoid touching the device.

Latest Toilet Technology Five: Toilets that are also Bidets

Anyone wanting a bidet in a bathroom but not having enough space can opt for new technology with a toilet that also has bidet features. For expert toilet installation in our city from qualified plumbers, call company name at this telephone number.

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