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Reasons to Replace Your Shower or Tub

When remodeling your bathroom, one of the pieces you will want to replace is your shower or tub. Some of the main reasons homeowners decide to replace their tub include:

  • Major cracks or leaks: Over time your shower or tub may begin to crack or leak. This issue can cause severe water damage, mold or mildew.
  • Design purposes: A modern unit can pull a room together, add value to your home and give the aesthetic appeal you are looking for in your bathroom.

The experts at PlumbCrazy can help you decide which design is best for you and help get your bathroom remodeling project off the ground.

Common Sump Pump Problems

Some of the most common sump pump problems we see in homes include:

  • Incorrectly sized units
  • Units with the wrong flow rate
  • Seized units
  • Battery backup issues

You depend on your sump pump to prevent your basement or cellar from flooding in times of excess water. Don’t get caught in a situation where your pump will not do its job properly. We can inspect your pump and ensure it’s the right size for your home, with the correct flow rate for your needs.

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Ways to Prevent Septic Tank Problems

  • Never put solid material down your drains or toilet. It can disrupt or create a blockage in your tank.
  • Keep grease out of your drains. As it cools and hardens it can cause serious problems in your tank.
  • Know the limits of your tank. By being aware of its size and capacity you can keep better tabs on its performance.
  • Invest in regular cleaning and maintenance. This will make your tank last longer.

How to Know When to Replace Your Water Heater

Most homeowners never think about their water heater until it’s too late. Either they jump in the shower to an ice-cold rain, or they find a floor flooded with water because the water heater burst. You can avoid these inconveniences and disasters if you pay attention to the warning signs telling you your water heater is about to fail and calling for a replacement before disaster strikes. Here are signs to watch out for.

  • Rusty, Discolored Water: Cloudy, rusty water could be a problem with your pipes or it could be an issue with your water heater. Call a professional plumber for an inspection to find out what is the problem.
  • Water Temperature: Is your water not as hot as it used to be? Does it take too long to get hot? If so, it’s a sign that your water heater is failing and you need to think about a replacement now.
  • Weird Noises: If you hear rumbling, gurgling or popping noises coming from your hot water tank, it could mean you have sediment or mineral build-up which can lead to failure.
  • Water Leaks: Water leaking from your hot water tank is a sure sign your water heater is failing. Call a plumber immediately if you see water leaks before the structure fails and you wind up with a flood on your hands.

The average storage-tank water heater lasts about 15 years, and after that time, it warrants a replacement. If you’re not sure what state your water heater is in, call PlumbCrazy and let our experts take a look.

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