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If you have poor quality water pipes, then you may have poor quality water, too. Cracked or damaged water lines means that contaminants such as dirt, debri, chemicals, and bacteria, as well as unwanted pests, can breach the barrier to your home and water flow. Keep your water clean and your home free of unwanted critters, and avoid property damage from flooding with PlumbCrazy’s comprehensive water line services. Whether you need main water line repair, water main installation, or diagnostic solutions in Nottingham, MD, our technicians can deliver prompt, professional results. We value our customers and go above and beyond to ensure accurate, lasting solutions with each job we take on.

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Emergency Water Line Repair

PlumbCrazy provides emergency water line repair services, so you can avoid flooding and contamination of your water supply if your pipes are damaged. If you suspect that you’re dealing with a leaky, cracked, or burst water pipe, you need professional assistance ASAP. Our technicians are available around the clock, and can dispatch to your home fast, with all of the necessary tools and equipment to tackle any problem with your water pipes.

Choosing Between Main Water Line Replacement and Repair

It’s sometimes difficult to determine whether water line repair is sufficient, or if water line replacement is a better option for your specific plumbing needs. Consider the following when you’re making the choice between either repairing your current lines, or installing new pipes.

  • If your existing water pipe is made up of materials that are out of date and unable to be repaired properlyl, replacing the entire line is the best option.
  • A pipe that is 50 years old or more is likely to have recurring problems, and installing new pipes could prevent common issues that arise when your water line has reached the end of its lifespan.
  • If you have made several patch repairs on a single pipe, consider replacement to avoid recurrent repairs.
  • When the cost to repair your water pipes is equal to 50 percent or more of the total cost of replacement, then replacement is optimal.

Emergency water line repairs can be costly. We provide financing options in addition to our always fair and upfront rates.

Water Main Installation: What to Expect

During the water main installation process, your plumbing company will excavate a passage to install the water pipe. Once the trench width and depth are determined, the area is bedded in preparation for laying the pipe. Pipes are inspected for damage, any unsatisfactory sections are removed, and the pipes are then properly cleaned before they are installed. Pipes are lowered into the trench while supported by a sling around the middle, with special care taken to ensure the inside of the pipe is kept clean during the placement process.

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